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Social Security Resource Center – Expert Disability Assistance Nationwide
The Social Security Resource Center offers qualified disability assistance for those seeking to apply for Social Security Disability or to appeal a previous denial. We find expert disability advocates for SSDI and SSI claimaints throughout the United States at no charge to the claimants themselves.
Whether you are applying for the first time or wish to appeal a previous decision, speaking with a qualified disability advocates can increase your chances of obtaining disability benefits more quickly. The advocates who review the evaluations submitted on this website handle cases in every state and territory of the United States and have assisted thousands of people in receiving both SSDI and SSI benefits.
We seek to educate claimants about Social Security disability benefits and to make the application process less intimidating. Statistics show that 64% of applicants are denied at the Initial Level and similar percentages for the Reconsideration (RECON) and Hearing levels.
Our representatives handle all the paperwork and provide claimants with information about various disability and financial assistance programs, thereby ensuring that they can lead healthier and more financially secure lives.

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