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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal assistance programs that assist people with disabilities. The Social Security Administration (SSA) manages both of these programs and awards disability benefits based on specific medical criteria that the applicant must meet.
The Social Security Administration states that a “disability” can be physical and/or psychological, but must be severe enough to prevent you from working any type of job for twelve successive months. When the Social Security Administration tests your work eligibility, they do not consider whether you are able to return to your previous occupation, but whether your physical/psychological state allows you to perform any payable job in the workplace.
When you apply for either program, the Social Security Administration will gather medical records and other information about your condition from you and your physician. To obtain disability benefits, a physician must state definitively that you are disabled “by medically acceptable clinical and laboratory findings.”
Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration denies many applicants who deserve disability benefits. A tedious application process, long lines, and elaborate forms discourage most people from even applying for Social Security Disability. Statistics show that 64% of applicants are denied at the initial level and over 85% when they file for reconsideration (Recon).
By rejecting the majority of applicants at the initial and reconsideration levels, the Social Security Administration is attempting to cleanse the applicant pool. Although many of these people have legitimate disabilities that hinder them from sustaining gainful employment, the government hopes that most will simply give up and not apply again.
Despite these disheartening statistics, the Social Security Resource Center wins over 95% of disability cases and has assisted the disabled for over 25 years. Whether you have never applied or have been improperly denied Social Security Disability, our advocates handle claims at all stages of the application process and are committed to obtaining disability benefits for our clients.

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